About 16 Cents a Meal

Duluth, Minnesota is a community of hardworking and friendly folks. It’s set on the beautiful shores of Lake Superior, and is truly scenic, with natural charm. But we’re not exempt from the hard-hitting issue that troubles nearly every city in America. We’re talking about hunger.

No one—man, woman, or child—should have to go to bed with an empty stomach. Thankfully, our region has several centers where those in need can enjoy the meals they deserve, free of charge. But it’s up to our community to keep it going – to pitch in, lend a hand, make a donation, and feed our community.

16 Cents a Meal is a community challenge to feed the hungry in Minnesota, starting in Duluth. Where’d we get the name? Well, we were told that the average cost of food per person for one meal is around $.16. You read that right; we were blown away by how inexpensive it is to feed our community. Think your donation can’t make a difference? Think again. That change jingling around in your pocket can cause some real change for a person in need.

At 16 Cents a Meal, our shared goal is to eliminate hunger across the entire region, not just at one location. That’s why we created the “Meals Donated” counter. Easily track how many meals citywide have been donated to a specific location, and choose where you want your contribution to go. We want to be sure each center in the city receives the support it needs to continue serving the hungry.